Running your own Agile on the Bench


So, you want to run your own Agile on the Bench? That’s great! The format is licensed under a creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International licence (please click the link for full details).

Below are are the rules for using the brand or the format:

Before you do anything, let us know

Contact us using this form and let us know you want to do an event using the agile on the bench format, with details of where and when and how you are going to run it.

What the session should be about

Topics should be related to Agile, Lean and people, but can be broad and have an relatable real life application. Topics we have covered in the past are: How a pasta factory improved through transparency, what the making of Blondie’s parallel lines can teach us about Agile and what we can learn about pairing from talking to a carpenter.

Where you should hold it

The event must be held outside: the audience sits on and around a bench(es) with the speaker in front. If you want to use the name, it must be on a bench.

The format of the session

The event should take around an hour, a lunch break is perfect. Leave some time for introductions at the start. Then move onto the speakers: you should have two planned speakers, who have up to 10 minutes for their talk, plus about 5 minutes for questions.

Diversity is really important to us to help create an inclusive event, so pick your speakers with this in mind.

After the two planned speeches, you have a choice of either (1) anyone can step forwards (time permitting) to do an unplanned 5 min talk, plus time for questions. Or (2) Agile question time, anyone can ask a question and anyone, usually multiple people, can give an answer.


No technology or slides can be used to support the speakers. No laptops, no tablets, phones. Not even print outs from PowerPoint or Keynote (hand drawn pictures are ok). Non-tech aids are permitted (e.g. the speaker can draw on paper during the talk or bring props).

The audience can use phone for photographing and timing, we like to use a stopwatch on a smartphone so the speaker knows how much time they have left (we use presentation clock)


It must be free to attend and nobody is paid for speaking.


You must link to our website on your event page and any blog posts or features about the event. Wording must read:

“This event is using the Agile on the bench format, for more info please see


You will need to:

  • book in 2 speakers (think about diversity and inclusion)
  • Find the right park bench: consider what happens if it does rain (we like to use parks with bandstands)
  • Tell people about it and invite them to the event: we use
  • be nice to your speakers, they are giving their time for free. We make sure we bring them water and a small gift (veggie sweets always go down well)

Social Media

We have a hashtag #agileonthebench which you can use for events
We also have a main twitter account @agileonthebench and a website that you can point to.

Usage of Agile on the Bench’s Logos and Marks

Use of Agile on the Bench’s logos and trademarks, even in connection with your own Agile on the Bench, is subject to following this guidance. You should review those before using our logos and marks. If you are interested in creating new swag that incorporates our logos or marks, please ask us first using our contact form. Any swag should not be for financial gain.

Agile on the Bench is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

Agile on the Bench is founded by Emily Webber and David Lowe